Season 1, Supplemental 2: A Mindfulness Practice

What’s a “Supplemental”?
For us, Supplementals are going to be those things that don’t quite fit the (admittedly loose) definition of a full “Episode,” where all hosts are present, riffing on a topic or participating in a conversation or interview. Today’s supplemental is, quite simply, a mindfulness practice, brought to you by host Karl Helvig! and here’s what he has to say… Mindfulness. I used to think of this as a strange word. It was foreign to the world of religion and spirituality where I grew up.  However, as my journey of running as spiritual practice has grown I’ve come to see the work of mindfulness as crucial to any of spiritual endeavor. Mindfulness is simply our ability to keep our whole self in the present. It is a work against distraction and for integration. I hope this simple mindfulness practice opens up new realms of growth in our lives.”

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