Season 1, Supplemental 3: Gary on the West Highland Way

This “supplemental” is a fun one! I was recently a guest on the West Highland Way Race podcast, and they’ve agreed to let us repost that interview here!

The West Highland Way is a 95 mile footpath in Scotland, with about 13,000’ of vert, that runs from just outside of Glasgow, north and west to Fort William. Typically, hikers take a week or so to make the trek, but, a race run on this path for the 30-ish years. I had the privilege of participating in this race last year, and my experience was an intense one! 

Long-time West Highland Way race participant and volunteer, and fixture in the Scottish ultra scene, John Kynaston, has hosted a podcast about the race for years, and he does a great job of walking me through the race. So, sit back, relax and enjoy John’s Scottish brogue and stories of an adventure in the highlands!


Waterfalls are EVERYWHERE!
My intrepid crew!
Getting aid at Balmaha
Rocks and roots along Loch Lomond
Auchtertyre, about half way
Leaving Glencoe ski area
I’ve NEVER been so glad to finish an ultra…
Magical toast and jam
At Climber’s Inn, Glencar after the race