Season 1, Supplemental 1: Unabridged Zach Miller Conversation

What’s a “Supplemental”?
For us, Supplementals are going to be those things that don’t quite fit the (admittedly loose) definition of a full “Episode,” where all hosts are present, riffing on a topic or participating in a conversation or interview. Supplementals could be one of us sharing a story, reading a race report, providing some insight into a spiritual practice, or like today, the full, unabridged audio of a conversation.

In today’s first ever Supplemental, we’re releasing our full conversation with ultrarunner Zach Miller. Episode 1 featured essentially the second half of our conversation with Zach, and that’s due to the fact that when we arrived at Barr Camp, there was another hiker present, named Matt…so, when we started our conversation, it was mostly catching Matt up to speed on who Zach is and why we were there. And, incidentally we talk about some of Zach’s races, his interest in the Leadville 100 and the Run Rabbit Run 100, his passion for UTMB and more. If you’re an ultramarathon nerd like we are, you’ll love the deeper insight!

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