Season 1, Episode 6: D-Bo Only

NOTE: While this episode can definitely stand alone, it is in many ways a “part 2” to Episode 5. In that previous episode, Dylan and Harmony Bowman share insights into their lives, their relationship, their running, and also their struggles with health issues…both mental and physical. That episode marks Harmony’s first time on a podcast, too!

In this episode, after Harmony went back to work, Dylan and Gary go deep into all manner of ultra-marathon nerdiness, exploring Dylan’s early days and subsequent growth with the sport. D-Bo’s career, in many ways, mirrors the astronomical growth of ultra trail running, and they explore all kinds of topics, from specific races, to ultra-fueling, to how Dylan’s father-in-law’s piano playing parallels training, to D-Bo’s pacing mistakes with Joe Grant at Hardrock. It’s a deep, long, and rich conversation!

Here are a few links to topics discussed in our conversation:


Dylan’s win at Ultra Trail Mount Fuji 2018
Highlights from TDS 2018
Karl Meltzer after Run Rabbit Run 2012, where he beat Dylan
Dylan after Run Rabbit Run 2012