Season 1, Episode 4: 37 Seconds of Good, Part 2

This is part 2 of our conversation with dear friend, Ben Dicke. Below are all of the same notes from Episode 1, because, well, they still apply! There are new pics, though!

Hello, Dear Listener, I (Gary) have a confession...on most podcasts, if I don’t recognize the guest name, I skip that episode. So, if you’re like me, you may be tempted to skip these next two episodes because you probably do not recognize the name “Ben Dicke.”

But, please don’t skip these episodes! Ben is a very dear friend of the show, and we’re thrilled to share his story.

This story, of his attempt to go sub 25 hours at the Leadville Trail 100 last year, is absolutely incredible. After the race, he wrote a profound reflection of his experience that was widely shared across social media, and then picked up by Ultrarunning Magazine in their November 2018 edition.

It’s a story of digging deep and going after something that is right on the edge of one’s ability…of trying to dance on that razor’s edge between the possible and the impossible. 

And, as always thanks so much for joining us! We’d love to have you as an ongoing conversation partner. Please subscribe and review and do all the things. It makes a massive difference for us!

Here are a few links to things discussed in our conversation:

The song used at the end of this episode is Ára Bátur by the band Sigur Rós
From Ultrarunning Magazine
Ben and Gary heading out of Winfield, carrying a LOT of noodles.
Very near the top of Hope Pass, where Ben had a “moment.”
Joey steadily climbing the back side of Hope
At the finish line
Joey’s finish was celebrated on Leadville’s Insta feed