Season 1, Episode 1: Finding Zach

On our first ever episode of the BidMe.Run podcast we kick things off with an adventure.  Hosts Gary Aronhalt and Karl Helvig make a trek up Pikes Peak to interview the show’s first guest, ultrarunner and all around really great guy Zach Miller.  Then, we join our third host, Joey Bearss, in the studio to discuss & debrief.

Thanks for joining us and we’d love to have you as an ongoing conversation partner.

If you liked what you heard and want more, here are some links to other articles, authors, and references from the show:

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Zach Miller’s Epic Battle with Hayden Hawks at The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 in 2016:

Note: That youtube video is posted on the channel, Run Steep, Get High, lots of great running videos there, check out their channel here!  

Wendell Berry, The Mad Farmer Poems.Berry’s writing is powerful across his many genres.