Bid Me Run

“Now bid me run, 
And I will strive with things impossible; 
Yea, get the better of them.”
– William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

BidMe.Run is a space where running collides.  It collides with all the deep, nuanced, integrated, holistic, and some might even say spiritual, realities of our lives.

This community of runners – ranging from the elite to the mid or back packer, from turkey trotters to ultra runners – is united by our conviction that running is more.  It is more than just a workout. We want to explore the more. Or, as William Shakespeare wrote in the passage where we found the name, “Bid me Run,” we want to “strive with things impossible.”

We would love to have you come and strive with us.

Karl Helvig

For me, there is no workout greater than the 800m repeat. When I ran track in high school I ran the 800 and it was miserable. Middle distance they called it. Somewhere in between sprinting and distance running. Bleh. Now, as a marathoner who has been on a years long quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon (I have actually qualified twice now, but due to the high volume of qualifying runners didn’t get a spot in the race), the 800m repeat has been transformed. It has changed from something miserable into a sort of mantra, a familiar way-marker on the path to race day.

My marathoning life began the year after college when this cute girl I knew wanted to run a marathon with me. I have been chasing her ever since and now we have four kids, five chickens, and a home in Centennial Colorado together. Vocationally I am a pastor at a church in Littleton and teach a couple classes in outdoor leadership at a grad school just down the road. In my endless hours of spare time *smirk* I play a passable game of chess (look me up on if you life, UN: ospollos). I have a deep love for videography though I must confess, I really don’t know what I’m doing. But, passion often outperforms skill, so I press on. You can find me on YouTube at Karl Helvig.

Joseph Bearss

In the fall of 2001 a husky young performer ran his first 5K in Los Angeles, CA.

In 2002 I ran my first marathon in San Diego. The hook was set.

Since then I have ran 68 marathons/ultras with five 100 mile finishes. I’m Marathon Maniac ( member #7613 if you want to see stats and times. Ultra-Trail nerds only!

I am closing in on completing a marathon/ultra in every state with only 4 left!

Currently an Executive Producer with Imprint Events (link-, a full service production company HQ’d in Colorful, Colorado.

My world is led by my two daughters Riley and DJ…they inspire me daily…I also enjoy strong coffee, good beer and black licorice.

Dip into my insta account (is that a thing?) @runosorun

Gary Aronhalt

When I faced turning 40, I decided to ring in that milestone year with a big achievement…and since I’d talked smack about running a marathon “someday,” I figured that would be my goal. After a quick Google search for marathons close to my birthday, I found that the Leadville Marathon was closest both chronologically and geographically.

And so, the seeds of mountain trail ultra running were planted.

And although injury prevented Leadville from being my first marathon (that ended up being Kansas City) it was my second. And that experience on the trails and in the mountains cemented my abiding passion for both.

Since then, I’ve participated in all manner of trail and ultra races, from 5ks to over 100 miles, most recently completing two 100-ish mile races, the West Highland Way Race and the Run Rabbit Run 100, in the 2018 season.

Professionally, I’m something of a “jack of all trades” with experiences in all manner of settings. Currently, I’m on staff at Platt Park Church and I do relationship and conflict consulting through A Million Stories.

Personally, I continue to be deeply in love with Melanie, my wife of many, many, many years.

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